8 Tips to Organize and Manage Your Family

Since I’ve been a mom for nearly 25 years, I feel like I’ve learned some tricks to keep my home clean and organized. These are things that many of us did not learn at home. These are skills that can be learned at home and not in schools. Many of us did not have role models or observe that they were learning.

I get many emails from moms asking me for tips on simplifying their lives and becoming more organized. This is the post for you! These are simple steps that can yield huge rewards!

#1: Create ONE Family Calendar

It has made our lives easier, especially since we have older children who don’t live at home. My electronic calendar is synced with my phone from anywhere. We currently use iCal, but we used Cozi and paper in the past. You don’t have to choose which one, but you must use one for your appointments and activities. You can print a paper calendar from the Supplemental Pack, such as the Master Family Calendar. Make sure to post it, so everyone sees it.

#2: Quick Pick up

Make sure your kitchen is clean before you go to bed. This is a great way to end your day and set the stage for tomorrow. It is refreshing to wake up in a clean kitchen, especially when I grab my coffee.

#3: Create a housekeeping system

This one is done! After many years of experimentation, I have learned that big tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks. The Confident Mother Weekly Household Planner is something I have created because I don’t have a specific day to clean. This planner breaks down the tasks needed to clean every room of your house and other areas. It has saved my sanity!

#4: Delegate

This secret has been my family’s for years. But, even though I know it well, I don’t use it nearly as often as I should. Children are great at emptying the dishwasher of silverware, folding towels, taking out the garbage, and wiping down light switches and remote controls. They learn life skills, and it helps us get more done.

#5: Establish Routines

This one simple step can make a huge difference in the lives of everyone in your house. Create a basic morning routineevening routine, and bedtime routine. Routines are boring! Because they are predictable, routines allow for freedom. They also help children feel more at ease. Imagine not being required to repeat instructions about what to do after school every day.

#6: Meal plan

It’s a good thing to know what I am having for dinner. Pinterest has been a great help. I have a Family Favorites Board to plan meals for two weeks. I use EMeals and have many recipes and meal plans that I have saved over the seven years that this wonderful service has been around. It’s a great service if you haven’t tried it.

#7: Don’t Overbook

I believe this is a serious problem. The majority of our society spends more time outside the home than inside it. Although it is easy to sign up to do activity after activity and volunteer for various events, you can run everyone ragged. Overbooking can cause stress in your family, leading to anxiety, troubled behaviour, and even illness.

#8: “Just for Mom!” Time

This is non-negotiable. Yes, I am serious. I believe that every mother needs to have some downtime. Find what you are most nourished by. It is my once-a-month massage. I enjoy my coffee and quiet time with my family. No one can make it happen for them. You have to plan it yourself.

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