Families get back to work as the school year starts. They fill their schedules and face the challenge of managing multiple obligations. It cannot be easy to find the right balance between work and family. However, some strategies can help families deal with this issue.


With so many demands on our lives, it cannot be easy to do everything. You may have multiple roles and goals. You want to succeed at work, have a healthy relationship with your partner, and be involved as a parent. You might aspire to further your education, maintain a home, contribute to your community or keep fit, save for retirement, and continue your fitness routine. You may also be dealing with extended family matters, such as caring for elderly parents or managing a family member who is ill. These things can take up your energy and time and often cause conflict between you and your family. You may need to reflect on your values and establish priorities based on them. There are only 24 hours in each day. If “being an involved parent” is important to you, setting aside time each evening with your children may be more important than working extra hours to pay for a larger home.

Make plans and execute them in advance.

The busiest times of the week are work weeks. You can reduce stress by preparing for Monday’s arrival. A family calendar should be kept on the fridge. Look at the week’s schedule on Sunday and plan your week. For quick and easy reheating on busy nights, prepare meals on the weekend. You can invite your older children to help you with this activity. Make a list with several recipes for the week before grocery shopping. Then, make a grocery list based on your list. Sometimes, after-work stress can be more about deciding what to cook for dinner than cooking it. You can save time by preparing the meal before heading home for lunch.

If possible, negotiate flexible hours or part-time work hours.

Flexibility in your work can be a great stress reliever for a family. Part-time work is an option if it’s financially possible. While it might not be as financially rewarding, part-time work can bring you greater quality and daily rewards. You need to be clear about your values and prioritize your goals. Negotiate with your employer for flexible hours and job-sharing that are more favourable to your family’s life.

Locate a number two or three.

You need to provide support both at work and at home. Many families don’t have the resources to provide family support due to society’s increased mobility. You don’t always have family nearby, so you might consider asking friends, co-workers and neighbours for help. You can arrange for a few co-workers to help your children with any questions or concerns that they may have.

Share with family members.

Talk to your friends and neighbours who are also struggling with the same issues. The mutual support will be beneficial, and share ideas and strategies for managing your busy schedules. Consider sharing responsibilities with other parents. You can take turns driving your children to school, walking them to outside activities, and babysitting one another’s children.

Limit after school and after-work involvements

Parents may have the best intentions and wish to give their children a wide range of skills, but parents can become overwhelmed by all the possibilities available and create very busy schedules. Limit the number of activities that your children engage in outside. Instead, go for a family activity like skating or biking together. Limit your after-work activities. It doesn’t mean you have to serve on a church committee or coach your child’s soccer teams. You can also volunteer for your favourite charity. While it is rewarding and fulfilling to give back to your community, you might not be able to do it all due to your circumstances. Look at your values and decide on your priorities. Think about what you can do now and what you might be able to do in the future. Learn to say no and let go of guilt.

Incorporate rituals into your daily life.

Make sure you schedule time for family time. Set up a movie night or games night for the family. When you sit down for dinner together, make mealtime sacred family time and share the day’s events.

Take some time to yourself.

It is important to make time for yourself. No matter how exhausted you feel, it’s something that you must do. Get up and go to your gym. You will feel better afterwards and happier that you did something for yourself. Keep your favourite show secret for one week. Make sure to get the kids into bed before you start watching your weekly drama. Take a break from the office, take a walk, and enjoy the sunshine on your face. You will be able to take better care of your health and take control of the stress caused by a hectic schedule.

Allow for a couple of times.

It is easy for two people to drift apart in the chaos of work/home. You must spend time with your children, so you must spend time with your partner. Make time for each other. Book a babysitter for Friday night, regardless of whether you have any plans. Even if you only need a babysitter for an hour, it is a great way to get away for a walk with your partner.

Share your experience at work with your children.

Your children should be able to see that you value them and that you are committed to their success. Please talk with your children about what you do at the office and bring them along to see where you work. When you share a part of your daily life with your children, they are more likely to respond to your demands for work.

Have fun.

Remember that work is only part of your life. Only once we are here, so enjoy life and have fun. Find ways to have fun at work and home. Look for the humour in everything. Laugh.

Always be there for the moment.

Your children will have special moments that happen before 5:00 pm. These could be a football game or a school concert. Managers, clients, and employers all have families. They understand the unique family circumstances. Your boss should be consulted. Have a plan for how they will handle your absence. Or, you could find a way to do the job differently. You might be able to work together and help each other with important family events.


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