Clever Hacks to Enjoy Domestic bliss in a Large Family Organization

The organization is key to a smooth day with a large family. It is also the secret to your mental health!

As your family grows, streamlining your family processes will help you stay connected and calm in the chaos. These tips will help you keep your family organized like a well-oiled machine.

Large Family Organization Hack 1 – Run Your Family Like a Business

Although it sounds harsh at first, running my family like an enterprise is what has allowed me to do my part-time job while raising a family and managing my family. My success in organizing my chaotic family life is getting everyone on board with chores, organizing family gatherings and communicating with my children. For more ideas on organizing my family like a company, see how I do it.

// Large Family Organization Hack 2. Schedule Family Meetings

Running a well-organized family and a profitable business is one of the keys to success. It is scheduling regular meetings. Every family member must keep up-to-date on their tasks, review their schedules, and communicate upcoming events. You can set aside a time for your family to meet and organize. It could be every day at breakfast, weekly after dinner or fortnightly. A digital family calendar such as Life Sorted can be a great way to remind family members about important family events and keep them in the loop.

// Large Family Organization Hack #3: Incorporate Systems into Family Gatherings

A system that you like is a great way to manage family meetings. The 4-D Framework is my favourite system to eliminate brain clutter. This simple system will help you organize your thoughts, give you the time to process every event, activity, or appointment as they happen… and most importantly, combat brain clutter. You can file any new appointment, project or event that enters your brain inbox immediately by selecting one of these options:

  1. Could you do it?
  2. It can be delegated
  3. Transfer it
  4. It’s time to get rid of it

This system is great for teaching children to prioritize tasks and manage their time. This system is also very easy to remember, so you can always refer to it when you get overwhelmed by all the chores. This 4-D Framework Chart can be printed and brought to your next family gathering.

// Large Family Organization Hack #4: Sort by Colours!

All family members should be assigned a colour (yes, even hubby!). a colour. If possible, purchase the same colour bags, cups and socks as you do your notebooks. It will help everyone know what belongings they have and make it easier to track lost items. You don’t have to look like the Teletubbies when you leave your home. Instead, choose a pattern or design that you can use for all family members, such as a leopard print or geometrical shapes.

Large Family Organization Hack 5 – Set up a Command Center

The best organizational hack is to set up a DIY family command centre. This center is your home’s customizable organization station. Every family member should have their spot on the command centre wall. Include things such as keys and bags, pegs, slots for homework and notices, to-do lists, and slots for notes and homework. You can find more essentials for setting up a command centre. Every family will have a different command centre. Find out what works best for you, and then go for it!

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